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Nächste Termine

Keine Termine
Pape Samory Seckdeutsch pape

Pape Samory Seck roots lay in the capital of Senegal, Dakar in a well-known musicarea: Pikine. He was born in the famous Senegalese “Griot Family“ Seck.

The instruments he learned to play within the family are Djembé, Doun Doun, Sabar, Seourouba, Bougarabou, Asico and Tama (Talking Drum).

His career started while growing up and learned from his parents and brothers. Later on he studied with famous teachers in Senegal like Mousse Pathe M`Baye, in the Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor and Ecole Nationale des Arts.

He played with different groups and extraordinary musicians, for example „Le Deggo“, Ives Niang & Mapenda Seck.

In 1995 he toured through Germany with Le Deggo to “Brotfabrik Bonn” and later to the Afrika Festival in Würzburg & Afrika Festival Köln. Besides performing with Le Deggo, Pape also played with well–known artists like, N`dongo Lo, Sidy Samb, Pape Diouf & Viviane N`dour & Aby N`dour (Youssou N’Dours sister).

Since 1997 he has been living in Germany, where he has become one of the most wanted African percussionists. He has formed the groups“ Le Deggo”, „Afrocubral“ and „Seck Brothers“ and was invited as a soloist of music groups like “ Saf Sap”, “Galgi” and “ Gaynde”.
Invited as a soloist or accompanying African dance classes, Pape has not only travelled Europe, but also Australia (with Hamid Baroudi at the “WOMAD Festivals), North & South Africa and he performed at the World Expo in China.

He played, produced and/or gave guest performances on the following albums: „Le Deggo“, „Deggo ta Saf“, „Thiosanne“, „Sunu Grove“ & „Sidy“. Pape also cooperated in several multi-cultural projects in and out of Germany for example “Drumconversation”, “Raw Artistic Soul”, “ Musik for Life”, “Jololi hit Band” and Andre Hellers famous musical spectacle “Afrika Afrika”.

Not only an outstanding performer, but also a wonderful and creative teacher as over 15 years Pape has inspired many students of African percussion by bringing across a feeling and a way of expressing the culture and tradition of Senegal. In his teachings he makes use of the Senegalese stories which are only known and told and performed by the 'Griots'.

Pape is specialized in bringing across the traditional rhythms by not simplifying them for his students but to make them learn in a joyful way the real Senegalese ‘stuff’.